Stop looking for a CTO.

Start validating assumptions.

Increase your odds of finding a cofounder.

I'll build your minimum viable product.

I can help you.

How I help people clean out their email - by unsubscribing from them mailing lists.

How I help entrepreneurs avoid the mistakes I made - by sharing my stories.

I admire Eric Ries

Eric Ries blogs at Startup Lessons Learned and is the king of Lean Startups.

I admire Steve Blank

Steve Blank Wrote the Four Steps to the Epiphany. A great read. Highly recommended!

I admire Brant & Patrick

The Entrepreneur┬┤s Guide to Customer Development by Patrick Vlaskovits and Brant Cooper. Read this today.

Looking for a Sick PHP Developer?

I do that too. Send me an email if you want a developer or if you just want to chat about startups. Send Me an Email

I want to help startup founders.

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